‘Light of the World’ (Why Not?)

We wouldn’t last two days in the dark, without the light shed by Jesus Christ Our Lord; and I dare say we’ve never needed that light more than we need it now.

Light of the World, by Charles Wesley, sung the old-fashioned way by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band–and we’re open for a hymn request, if anybody wants to make one.

6 comments on “‘Light of the World’ (Why Not?)

  1. I’m trying to think of a hymn, but my mind is a worn-out blank (a morning of housecleaning can do that). Something about praising the Lord’s name. I’ll take anything along those lines that you can think of, Lee! And maybe another reprise of “Woke Up This Morning with My Mind Stayed on Jesus.” (Yes, I’m wanting some upbeat hymns right now. Housecleaning can do that, too.) Sigh.

    1. I also had to clip Iggy’s claws, and it was a bit traumatic for both of us. I’d let them grow too long, and they were starting to curl back so I could barely get the clippers under them. Iggy yelled a lot but was otherwise a good boy … until we’d finished, at which point he threw up his breakfast. Fortunately, this was all before the housecleaning, not afterward. And no, it wasn’t the cause of the housecleaning, which I do every Saturday morning anyway. At any rate, Iggy and I are both still exhausted. As soon as I finish clearing out my inbox, I’m off to join him on the couch.

    2. I’ve never even tried doing the back feet. Besides, I assume he needs the traction in back for some of the jumps he makes.

      Thank you for the hymn. I guess I’ll postpone my trip to the couch for a few minutes so I can listen to it. 🙂

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