We Need to Empty the Classrooms

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Let’s face it, the Far Left teachers’ unions and Far Left teachers’ colleges aren’t going to change their tune. Leaving our children in their hands, five days a week, is cultural suicide. I think it comes down to this: either they go, or the public schools go.

To this end, I propose (doesn’t that sound grand!) a nationwide Public Education Walk-Out–ten million kids, and more if we can get them, to be kept home from school for one day to demonstrate America’s total rejection of what has been done to our education system.

If you like race-baiting, dirty books in the school library, “teachers” bragging to first-graders about their aberrant lifestyles, and that big, big push for Transgender–well, then, just keep on sending ’em to public schools. But if you don’t like what they’re selling, please stop buying it!

We have to show them we mean business, and a massive walk-out is a good start. We have to convince our, ahem, “educators” that if they keep on serving up their garbage, they’re going to have to serve it to an empty classroom.

If they win, we lose.

And we can’t afford to lose.

4 comments on “We Need to Empty the Classrooms

  1. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be a kid in Publix school, these days. It has to be awful.

  2. Yes, I totally agree.

    I have a suggestion/request for a song. I came across this unique “Angels in Heaven” (by Chris Rodigues & the Spoon Lady – You Tube) “hillbilly” gospel song a few months ago. It’s very different, but I like it. I have never heard anyone play the spoons like Abby, the Spoon Lady. Here is the link (if it works) if you would like to post it.

    Angels in Heaven – Chris Rodrigues & the Spoon Lady – YouTube

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