‘UN: 12 Years Left–Then Doomsday!’ (2019)


“See ya in the salt mines, suckers!”

Holy moly, we’ve already used up four o’ those 12 years and we still don’t have a global government to exercise absolute power over all life on earth and Climbit Change it’s gonna kill us dead–! (Pause to hyperventilate)

UN: 12 Years Left–then Doomsday!

Guess they need to brew up another pandemic in a lab.

Honestly, our so-called governments scare the dickens out of me! They are way scarier than Climbit Chainge. And they do way more harm.

If you can face with perfect serenity to prospect of being ruled by John Kerry and Klaus Schwab, you have probably already died.

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  1. Oh my, I made a mistake and left my comment back in 2019. So I thought I would place it again in 2023.

    ‘UN: 12 Years Left–Then Doomsday!’ What the Global Warming lunatics foretell and predict, is not much different than the gloom and doom I hear coming across many pulpits, from comments on blogs, and other sources. It’s the “end times” the “last days” are upon us, things are getting worse and worse, Jesus is coming soon, very soon (again). Yeah, in 2001 I heard a preacher tell his congregation, we only have 25 years left until the coming of the Lord, and he was not alone with those kinds of tiding of doom. Tiding of doom, well yeah, things have got to get worse and worse accordingly, before the Lord comes back, isn’t that found in the Bible? Aren’t we living in the “last days” the “end times” mentioned in Scripture? NO!

    When God’s people start sounding like the world, preaching doom and gloom like the unbelievers there is a big problem! Those who have been teaching we are living in the “end times” and “last days” for the last 200 years and more, all have one thing in common, they have all been wrong 100% of the time.

    Stop believing the teaching of the doom and gloomers, no matter if it comes from the unbelievers or preachers. God’s word promises us victory in time and on this earth. God is working out His plan, and that means the whole future is ahead of us, all the time we need, thousands of years lay ahead of us, and in time, victory, victory will be ours.

  2. They and their evil at this time do seem to be prevailing in some places. But no matter the odds, many times victory comes from the Lord just when things seem hopeless. “Foxes Book of Martyrs” gives us an idea of the evil that sometimes seems to overcome God’s people. How many of us are facing torture, brutality, or the stake for our vision of truth and of God, today? Those early reformers and martyrs were unshakeable in their faith. How horrible were some of the things they faced, and yet remained undaunted. And today, most of us face nothing, compared to what they faced, and think we must be living in the “end times” and “last days” for things seem to be getting worse and worse.

    I have news for you, the biblical last days and end times Jesus spoke about are long over and done. Jesus gave His Church the power of the Holy Spirit, now let us go and do what He commanded His disciples –make disciples or Christians of all nations! God’s church is not going to be “raptured” off the earth, for Jesus prayed “I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.” John 17:15 We are going to live on this earth until death comes for us. Our children are going to live on after us, until death comes for them, and their children, and so forth. All the while we need to be doing what Christ commanded – Make Disciples of All Nations.

  3. In case you missed the memo, climate change is a complete hoax – that’s why God put a rainbow in the sky!

  4. David’s post reminded me of a song we sang in church years ago. I would like to request the version of this song sung by the Hayes Family – “God Put a Rainbow in the Clouds.”

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