Last Day for Revival?

The Christian revival at Asbury University, Kentucky, is supposed to end tomorrow, college officials have decreed.

But look at the video. Does this look like it’s ending to you? Look at the crowding–people lined up all along the street for blocks and blocks. Yeahbut…”real safety concerns…” What safety concerns? No one’s been hurt, no property’s been damaged. And people are still coming here–from as far away as Australia.

You know the Far Left Crazy hates to see this. You know they’d stamp it out, if they dared.

Pray for the revival–our country needs it! It’s a return to sanity, to decency. To life instead of death. Everything the Left is selling us is poison. Pray the revival spreads to other cities, other universities.

Jesus Christ is life. But “all they that hate me love death” (Proverbs 8:36).

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