‘Never Surrender’ (2019)

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Solon not only refused to surrender: in the end, he won!

Never surrender. Never give in. Never go along to get along. Never yield an inch of ground to Satan’s servants. If they have to kill us, they’ve lost.

Never Surrender

We know we’re governed by people who despise us, who will do us all the harm they can. At the very least, we can withhold our consent–can’t we? Can’t we do at least that much?

The revival that flared up at Asbury University last week has given us a chance. There’s more than ample kindling to apply the flame to. There’s more than enough trash that needs to be incinerated.

Shame on us if we waste this opportunity. We might not get another one.

Revival: Next Stop… Where?

Tonight’s supposed to be the last night for worship services at Asbury University, Wilmore, KY, the revival’s supposed to be over–

But there are still crowds of people here on campus, with more coming in all the time.

School officials say it can’t be helped, Wilmore simply doesn’t have the resources to accommodate so many people for any length of time. Well, maybe. And anyhow the whole point of a revival is that it should spread.

God knows we need a revival: if we ever needed one, we need it now! Our country is in danger of turning into a drag queen socialist hell-hole. The Democrats are this close to driving us under for good.

We have to see the revival spread out and move around the country. There are signs that this may happen soon.

We have to see the American people rise up against “woke” and completely and forever cast it out.

We are up to our necks in sins that hadn’t even been thought of a couple of generations ago. Please, merciful God–pull us out and clean us off!

Last Day for Revival?

The Christian revival at Asbury University, Kentucky, is supposed to end tomorrow, college officials have decreed.

But look at the video. Does this look like it’s ending to you? Look at the crowding–people lined up all along the street for blocks and blocks. Yeahbut…”real safety concerns…” What safety concerns? No one’s been hurt, no property’s been damaged. And people are still coming here–from as far away as Australia.

You know the Far Left Crazy hates to see this. You know they’d stamp it out, if they dared.

Pray for the revival–our country needs it! It’s a return to sanity, to decency. To life instead of death. Everything the Left is selling us is poison. Pray the revival spreads to other cities, other universities.

Jesus Christ is life. But “all they that hate me love death” (Proverbs 8:36).