Are 20% of America’s Kids… ‘Transgender’?

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No one’s too young for the groomers.

[Thanks to Susan for the nooze tip.]

A new Rasmussen survey says that some 20% of America’s public school children now “identify” as “non-binary” or “transgender” ( Sorry for all the quotation marks, but we are talking toxic crapola here.

Well, why not? “Teachers” and their unions are just pouring this garbage into children’s ears, and it’s bound to take effect. Kids who suddenly decide that they’re a different “gender” get rewarded with praise and attention.

Anyone smell brimstone here?

Fortunately, we are seeing “an explosion of legislation to address this” miserable mess. Whether it can be enacted and enforced in time to do any good remains to be seen.

But one thing that will do a vast amount of good would be to take millions of our children out of public education. The teachers’ colleges, the teachers’ unions, and the teachers themselves are totally sold on “transgender,” and they won’t be changing their minds anytime soon. Take the children out of their hands!

Let’s not be accomplices of those who would wipe out our posterity.

4 comments on “Are 20% of America’s Kids… ‘Transgender’?

    1. No one mentions that those kids will be made permanently sterile. But then I think that’s sort of the idea behind it.

    2. Horrid. I have heard that in Great Britain, they are now casting a very critical eye upon this process.

    3. Well, really–do you want people to get health care who have, like, wrong opinions? What kind of utopia is that?

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