Excited Guinea Pig

I can’t read guinea pig body language, so I have no idea what’s going on here. Something about the jingly ball is setting him off. But why does he stay on the blanket? Why doesn’t he go get the ball after it rolls away? Dagnabbit, where’s the Science when you need it!

5 comments on “Excited Guinea Pig

    1. I’m glad to talk to you too, Mr. Lee Duigon. Tell your wife I send my regards. I’m sorry I haven’t sent you any of my stories yet, but I hope to do so soon. And thank you for you and your wife remembering me and my family, that’s something too good and beautiful, and I’m not able to express it in simple words.

    2. I was very sad when my country was stolen. My sister and I cried, but my father said it was time to pray more for Brazil, because God takes care of His people, and the men are just men.

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