Dems Fight to Defend Censorship

Who Is Jonathan Turley? Republicans' Lone Expert on Impeachment - The New  York Times

Jonathan Turley

At least one nationally prominent law professor–Jonathan Turley, of George Washington University–has had enough of what he calls Democrats’ “scorched earth” defense of government censorship of conservatives. And speaking of a Congressional hearing recently, he said as much.

“For many of us,” he wrote in a column for The Hill, “this week demonstrates the final severing of many House Democrats from both free speech and free press values” (

House Dems attacked two journalists who were testifying to the FBI colluding with Big Tech to silence critics and conservatives, calling them “so-called journalists” and demanding they reveal their confidential sources–which they have refused to do.

Under Democrat presidents, the FBI has morphed into an enforcement arm of Democrat politics. That’s what the Congressional hearing is about.

What more can be said of a supposed law enforcement agency that spies on parents objecting to the Far Left/Woke carryings-on by their local school boards? Or arresting a pro-life activist at gunpoint one night–at his home, in front of his children?

The hearing has yet to produce any consequences for those who use their government offices to further a naked political agenda. We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution?

That’s what it looks like.



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  1. Democrats vote lockstep. They are in unity with humanistic values, and are the enemy of God.

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