Fairfax County, VA… Again

Fairfax County parent Rory Cooper tweeted a screenshot of a test question used in an AP Government course.

Now it’s their Advanced Placement test for an AP course in government.

Fairfax County schools (Virginia) have agreed to pull a question from the AP government test–a question which sorts people into political camps based on stereotypical categories of age, gender, race, education, etc. (https://www.foxnews.com/politics/virginias-largest-school-district-pulls-ap-government-test-question-outrage). For some reason a lot of people found it acutely offensive.

Fairfax, BTW, has the largest school district in Virginia. Tons of money spent on it.

Is this test the best that they can do?

They’re pulling this question from the test. Okay, fine. Meanwhile, the state attorney general is investigating Fairfax County for not telling students that they’d won National Merit Scholarships…because if they did, kids who didn’t would feel bad. Imagine winning a National Merit Scholarship and not being told–sort of like having it taken away from you, huh?

Please, America! Stop sending your kids to public schools. They’ll only learn bad habits there.



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