‘Tell Teacher’ Your Sexual Fantasies!

What You Need to Understand About Bearded Dragon Head Bobbing

I can’t find a suitable illustration for this bilge. Maybe if we head-bob with this lizard hard enough, lunatic schools will disappear.

What kind of blithering idiots are running our public schools?

In Oregon recently parents complained about a high school “curriculum” in which one of the assignments was for the students to write descriptions of their sexual fantasies and hand the essays in to the teacher, who would read them (https://thepostmillennial.com/oregon-high-school-teacher-makes-students-write-essays-on-their-sexual-fantasies). Hard to believe, isn’t it?

The assignment specified that students were not to write about “penetration” or oral sex. Supposedly the purpose here was to “show and receive loving physical attention without having sex.” Just another “health” class with the football coach in charge.

(We may want to spare some sympathy for the teacher. Imagine having to read this stuff. You could go mad.)

And get this: the curriculum was developed by the Unitarian Universalist Assn. and the United “Gay is Good” Church of Christ. We are told that despite this, the curriculum is “free of religious doctrine.” Gee, I’ve been saying that about the UUA and the UCC for years. Don’t go looking for religious doctrine there.

I cannot conceive of anything more horrifying than letting anyone’s high school gym teacher (“health” was always taught by gym teachers) read kids’ sexual fantasies. Somehow the school board thought this would be a good idea.

But I know a worse idea than that: leave your kids in public school.

4 comments on “‘Tell Teacher’ Your Sexual Fantasies!

  1. Why do parents allow this? In my opinion, this is perverse behavior, on the part of the teacher.

    1. I can’t help thinking there must be, somewhere, anywhere, an old gym teacher who really hates getting stuck with this course.

  2. The last few posts you placed on your blog, I read them, but do not know how to respond to them, other than, so evil, so perverse.

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