‘Watch Canada, Because We’re Next’ (2018)

A new colour image of Justin Trudeau wearing blackface

Premier Justin Trudeau, believe it or not–party time

Years before it caught on in America, Canada brought “gender coaches” into elementary school classrooms to sell kids on the joys of aberrant sex. It seems Canada’s always slightly ahead of us when it comes to culture rot.

Watch Canada, Because We’re Next

A few years ago, Canada came up with two new schemes that must’ve had America’s Democrats drooling with envy. * Make support for abortion a condition for getting a summer job. *Give labor unions absolute power over who works and who doesn’t. These capers have worked out so well in Cuba! And North Korea! Really, what’s the point of even having a government if it can’t force people to violate their conscience?

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  1. The Democrats always vote 100% together just like a Communist Party! They see communist China as a great example of how to run a country and are making it their template for America’s future. Most Americans would say a resounding NO but they are too distracted and brainwashed to understand what is happening right in front of their eyes.

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