An Open Question: Why Do Libs Want Our Kids To Be Trannies?

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SloJo Biden, occupying the White House, says it’s “sinful” to withhold “gender reassignment” from children. They should have all the drugs, all the puberty blockers, all the surgery they want–and their parents should just shut up about it ’cause the “educators” know best.

It should be obvious even to persons with limited intellectual capacity that these “sex-change” procedures are irreversible. Once they finish with you, you’re sterile. Forever. Even Democrats should realize this.

Oh, they realize it, all right. They just don’t care.

Globalists of the Bill Gates stripe have been braying for years, “Depopulate, depopulate, we’ve gotta depopulate!” Well, what better way to do it? Even if they aren’t allowed to sterilize an entire generation of human beings, they could still sterilize enough people as to make civilization no longer possible.

“Oh, that’s no problem! We’ll have robots to do all the work!”

Oh, well, if you’re going to make it that tantalizing–!

Robots are mindless. So are those who put their trust in them. “Those who make them will be like them, and so will all who trust in them” (Psalm 135:18).

Yes, I know I haven’t answered the question. Can you?

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  1. There is an evil agenda to blur the lines between male and females, starting with our children. They want to turn us into drones who all look and think alike.

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