Suicidal ‘Reparations’ Scheme

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God knows we never run short of positively insane policy recommendations; but here is one of such towering stupidity, mere words are hardly adequate for it.

Here’s the deal, as laid out–unanimously!–by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors this week… their grand scheme for “reparations” (

*Payment of $5 million each to every “eligible” (?) black resident of San Francisco.

*All personal debt and tax burdens to be instantly wiped out.

*Jobs paying a salary of at least $97,000. to all… for 250 years. (Don’t ask me what they mean by this. They’re crazy.)

*Finally, houses in San Francisco for black families, for only $1 each.

Sounds like I’ve made it up, can’t possibly be real. I wish that were the case.

Oh! And if you click the link and read the, um, “news report” by, you’ll find that the clam-brain who wrote it thinks this is possibly the best idea ever–damn the money, full speed ahead!

One estimate so far says the scheme will cost the other residents of San Francisco some $600,000 per household. But we mustn’t let such petty considerations stand in the way of social justice!

What kind of nut wants to live in San Francisco? And how many will keep on doing so?

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    1. A friend of mine moved away, perhaps a year ago, and he’s quite relieved to be out of that place.

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