Comments, Anyone?

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So far this is the weirdest day this blog has ever had.

When I opened it this morning, there were 206 views–as opposed to 20 or 30, which has been the usual lately. Two hundred views? That never happened before! Not even close.

And yet… all those views, and not a single comment. Is the comment thingy broken? More weirdness: none of the posts has been visited more than four or five times today, and most of them only once. That never happened before, either. Sunspots, maybe?

I do wish I knew where all those views came from: I might’ve done something that I could learn to do on purpose. But I can only sit here mystified.

I’m open to hearing any theories you might have.

9 comments on “Comments, Anyone?

  1. You asked for comments, here are a few.

    Yeah, that is odd, somewhat unusual, strange or uncommon, maybe even unique and out of the ordinary. It’s a bit rare, peculiar perhaps, or hopefully a singular happening, but very curious, bizarre, and freakish, it even approaches the level of an outlandish event, nevertheless, I do find it quaint and certainly weird. But really, other than that, I haven’t a clue nor what to make out of it.

    Here is a poem that kind of, sort of, fits with these thoughts.

    Going Nowhere

    At times I wonder where I’m going.
    I don’t know where I’ve been.
    So I’ll probably be arriving
    Nowhere once again.

    I don’t remember what I’ve done.
    I don’t know what I’ll do.
    Every careful plan I held
    Vanished from my view.

    I feel I’m going nowhere fast,
    But soon I shall arrive.
    It should be much more pleasant
    Where I feel I can abide.

    My jumbled thoughts are playing
    Havoc with my mind.
    Here and there, and everywhere,
    I’m running out of time.

    Twist and straight, love and hate,
    Are tearing at my soul.
    Pain and pride, walk and stride,
    Will never make me whole.

    Evil days and prideful ways
    Are roaring like the tide.
    So now that I’ve confused you all,
    I think I’ll run and hide.

    – The Path Life Takes –

    1. Thank you.

      Yes, I did use my thesaurus. Here is a poem in which I also used my thesaurus. With this poem, I was able to put a melody to it and sing it.


      Meditate, ruminate, just in my mind.
      Remember, reflection on many a time.
      Anticipate, speculate, fancy, contrive.
      Imagine, conceive, did it finally arrive?

      Deliberation, rumination, reckon, and bind;
      Mental absorption, visions in time.
      Evaluation, estimation, assumption, and then
      I put it aside and do it again.

      Consternation, trepidation, apprehension; but when
      Comes expiration, termination, culmination, the end?
      I guessed and I dreamed, mused and surmised.
      But my mind just brooded, while I theorized.

      I pondered the thoughts engaged in my head.
      My fancy opinions were conjectures instead.
      With all this deep thought I just broke a wheel.
      Now my mind has to rest; then it can heal.

      – The Path Life Takes –

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