If You’re Not a Slob, You Must Be a Racist!

Is Your Pantry Clean and Organized? According to Loyola University of Chicago Professor, That is ‘Classist, Racist and Sexist’

This pinhead gets to stand up in front of a roomful of intellectually defenseless college students and “teach” them that neatness and cleanliness are sure signs that you’re a racist–ooooooh!

She is an associate professor of marketing at Loyola College; and she is, OF COURSE, WHAT ELSE COULD SHE POSSIBLY BE?, a White Liberal. It’s always white liberals saying stuff like this.

What? You don’t have unwashed plates piled up and growing mold in your sink? Gotcha, Whitey! ‘Cause, see, if you were a real Person Of Color (POC), it would never occur to you to have a clean and orderly house. Or if it did, you just wouldn’t know how to make it happen.

Why aren’t more blacks insulted by this? For that matter, why isn’t everybody insulted? It costs over $20,000 in tuition alone to go to Loyola for one semester. Is this money well-spent? What–did it just grow on trees in your back yard? You honest-to-goodness had nothing better you could do with that money?

Defund the colleges.

5 comments on “If You’re Not a Slob, You Must Be a Racist!

  1. Reminds me of the Smithsonian’s now-retracted dictum that working hard and using logic are “white” concepts. And yet, these liberals somehow get away with all the anti-black stereotypes that liberals once characterized as being bigotry.

    1. First comment of the day! Which means there’s nothing broken here. Or so I hope.
      Meanwhile, I think our country might be broken.

    2. Sometimes we’re just too busy or tired to comment. Myself, I spent two hours cleaning and replacing candles at church this morning, starting at 5am, and then came home after Mass to spend another two hours cleaning house, after which I sat down to rest for a few minutes before preparing lunch — and woke up almost an hour later, still staggering around. Meanwhile, the old inbox had reached floodtide levels….

  2. That might explain the way her hair looks. Never been touched by a comb or brush. Or just maybe, she was caught in a windstorm before that picture was taken and hadn’t yet attended to that mess.

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