Greta Gets an Honorary Ph. D.–in Theology!

Greta Thunberg: Kids 'will never forgive' you for failing on climate change  | CNN

Would you buy a used climate from this kid?

No, I didn’t make this up, it’s not a satire.

Greta Thunberg, all of 20 years old, has been awarded an honorary doctorate in Theology by Helsinki University (

Is this rich, or what? When did this poster child for Climbit Chainge study theology? Where did she study it? Is there any evidence that suggests she knows the least thing about theology?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! Climbit Chainge is a RELIGION, man! She don’t need no stinkin’ degree! Except now she has one. “Dr. Thunberg.” It’s enough to make a pile of bricks break down and cry.

What can you say? Colleges and universities have gone plumb crazy, all over the world. What in the world can they “teach” anybody?

It sounds like a joke–but who’s laughing?

9 comments on “Greta Gets an Honorary Ph. D.–in Theology!

  1. A director of the college from which I graduated tried (20 years ago) to award a doctorate to an imbecile internationally-known (BS) artist came from the area where the college is located. The worst part of it was the college doesn’t even award doctorates, only associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Luckily the dean at the time was an intelligent man who didn’t cave.

  2. It’s a shocker alright, especially since lately she has been blasting the holy UN for not doing enough to control the climate. I think honorary doctorates should all be cancelled. Earn them the way everyone else has to. P.S. My email has been hacked, but now is sort of working.

  3. As a laywoman I know that I know more about theology than Greta. So where’s my doctorate?

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