‘You Can’t Argue With a Kool-Ade Drinker’ (2019)

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Go ahead–try and have a discussion with some dindle who rejects facts, has no store of information that could possibly apply to the topic at hand, is convinced up front that any deviation from his or her point of view is totally wrong and probably prompted by White Supremacy or some such thing… and gets really, really made if he encounters any disagreement from anyone.

You Can’t Argue with a Kool-Ade Drinker

A liberal is someone who feels entitled to come into your house uninvited and pee on your couch in the living room. And you’re supposed to thank him for it.

Take your kids out of public school. Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

6 comments on “‘You Can’t Argue With a Kool-Ade Drinker’ (2019)

  1. Over the last few months, I have watched quite a number of YouTube videos made by members of a notorious, non-religious, cult. One thing stands out in stark relief; you can’t reason with people when they are under coercive mind control. Facts are literally meaningless to such persons. As I’ve said on numerous occasions, reality itself is being challenged.

    1. See some of the facial changes they undergo when they encounter an opinion other than their own. Lon Chaney, call your agent.

  2. I would not like to be on the other side of an issue, right or wrong, in a debate with Jordan Petersen.

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