Library Board Dodges Public Meeting

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“Run away and hide!” That’s the watchword of the Pocatello, Idaho, library board when the public demands an explanation of their actions (

Hello! These jidrools are supposed to represent us. They’re supposed to be accountable to us! But try telling them that… if you can find them.

Taxpayers in Pocatello–you know, the poor plebs who have to fund the library–wanted to know why there were “hundreds of graphic, obscene children’s books” in the library. But only two of the five board members having shown up for the meeting, that pair decided there couldn’t be a meeting ’cause they didn’t have a quorum. So they up and left. “Run away! Run away!”

They’re all there, though, when the drag queens they’ve invited show up.

Can any person who is not delusional fail to see that these people–Far Left library boards, school boards, teachers’ colleges, etc.–are purposely and systematically grooming children for sex? Come on! If you really, truly don’t see that, I’d just love to hear from you!

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  1. They’re grooming the children for more than sex. They’re grooming the next generation(s) to reject all the tenets of a functioning society so that when they grow up — physically, that is, since they’re also being prevented from growing up psychologically and morally — they’ll be easy to manipulate in doing whatever the ruling elites want them to do. These “ruling elites,” come to think of it, are almost indistinguishable from drug pushers.

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