‘Biggest Dinosaur Yet?’ (2017)


The little tiny black thing is a full-grown human being.

I’ve been in love with dinosaurs all my life, but I still find it almost impossible to imagine an animal as big as our apartment building. Or even bigger. I mean, literally, compared to some of those dinosaurs, we human beings are like crickets or something.

Biggest Dinosaur Yet?

Imagine these creatures walking, eating trees, herding together. Why did God make them so huge? We certainly couldn’t have developed much of a civilization with these brontosaurs stepping on our buildings. Has God put them in the fossil record just to remind us who He is?

Because we do need reminding, don’t we?

3 comments on “‘Biggest Dinosaur Yet?’ (2017)

  1. You ask, perhaps rhetorically, “Has God put them in the fossil record just to remind us who He is?” I respond, not rhetorically at all, “It’s quite possible.”

    1. I’ll have to interview Bob Bakker again, if I can find him. Last time he said he thought God made dinosaurs out of a sheer joy in creating.

  2. It is proposed that the pre-Flood atmosphere was richer, and this made larger creatures much more viable. Frankly, I wouldn’t want to have one as a pet. Imagine cleaning that litter box. 🙂

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