Now They’re Rewriting Agatha Christie

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A baby will grow up. A “modern reader” won’t.

Even the world’s all-time best-selling novelist isn’t safe from today’s censors and rewrite roaches. Yes, they’re even rewriting Agatha Christie (

The crawling squid at Harper Collins want to make her mystery novels more–I don’t know what: stupid?–un-scary?–to “modern readers,” whatever they are, have decided to rewrite Agatha Christie’s tales of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. White out (oops! can I say that?) any word or sentence that might conceivably offend, wound, disturb, or cheese off some nonbinary toadstool out there.

Didn’t we use to despise the old Soviet Union for doing stuff like this? Don’t we laugh at the ancient Egyptians for vandalizing some of their own monuments by chiseling out the names of historical figures that had fallen from favor? For making like history never happened?

Move over, Roald Dahl! Move over, Ian Fleming! Agatha Christie needs her seat on the “Censored” bench.

I don’t believe that any novel ever written and published can do anything like the harm done by self-appointed Far Left censors.

They want to keep us in strollers, sucking on pacifiers, forever.

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    1. Among other things, there were a number of ethnic stereotypes in some of the stories.

  1. Can anyone say communism? Communism used to be our enemy, but now it rules us. I guess it serves the world right for rejecting its Savior, Jesus Christ. The Bible says a lot about a Judgment Day but few pastors of churches say much about it.

  2. The ship of fools steams forward. D’Tocqueville warned of the tyranny of the masses, and it’s happening before our eyes.

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