Prof Sez ‘Murder Conservatives’

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Getting a bit creepy out there, isn’t it?

Hey-O, public education!

Here’s an English professor at Wayne State Looniversity having to be put “on leave”–translation: lie low until the heat dies down–for saying it would be “admirable” to murder anyone judged to be “racist, homophobic, transphobic,” etc., etc (

Gee, look at that–they don’t give the professor’s name in any of the, um, nooze stories.

So… while your tuition dollars are hard at work rounding up kooks to “teach” your children, we are left to wonder when, exactly, ordinary academic foolishness crosses the line into homicidal mania. We have just seen a “transgender” wacko murder little children at a Christian school. Who’s next on their hit list?

Defund the colleges.

Don’t send your kids to any of those Far Left colleges.

Don’t send your kids to public school.

Take away the money.

One or the other will not survive this: public education, or America.

5 comments on “Prof Sez ‘Murder Conservatives’

  1. They get bolder and bolder every day. They’re now widely advertising a “Day or Trans Vengeance” in DC for Saturday. I haven’t been able to determine whether this was meant to be a spinoff from the trans murderer’s shooting spree or was advertised even before it. But in any case, it’s still being advertised.

    Meanwhile, the FBI is on the lookout for dangerous terrorist parents at school board meetings, as well as Christians praying across the street from abortuaries.

    1. Isn’t that something! A trans wacko murders little children–and it’s Our Fault for not “accepting” and “celebrating” their intense perversion.

  2. The Bible unequivocally teaches there is a spiritual battle going on in this fallen world between good and evil, light and darkness. Are we in the battle full-time like Timothy – a good soldier for Christ?

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