‘They’ve Got the Answers’ (2020)

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If we ever find out the whole truth about the COVID-19 Pandemic, that’ll be an immense surprise. And don’t go thinking it’s all over and they won’t be using it to grind up our freedoms anymore. No globalist has changed his… mind… since this was written.

They’ve Got the Answers!

Wow! This post just disappeared as I was writing it! I can hardly wait till we’ve all got computer chips in our brains that’ll make us all super-smart and then, and only then, will we be truly deserving of a global government.


2 comments on “‘They’ve Got the Answers’ (2020)

  1. They say the advancement in AI is increasing at such a rate that America will be unrecognizable in 10 years. My brand-new HP computer with Windows 11 anticipates what I am going to type before I do – it is very annoying. I do like the spell check and grammar check because I am a terrible typist.

    1. I’m still on Windows 7 and have no desire for 10 or 11.
      Sometimes it looks like this world is in free fall… with jagged rocks below.

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