‘Humanist Religion (2): Enthroning the Bizarre’

I'll be talking gibberish to you in a moment. There's a big tip in it for  you, if you pretend I'm speaking French.' – The Wine Wankers

(Let’s get a laugh out of it while we still can.)

Look at that! Eight years ago, and they were already clubbing us over the head with stupid new pronouns that they just made up to cater to transgenders.

Humanist Religion (2): Enthroning the Bizarre

And we’ve managed to sink yet farther. Some tranny goes out and murders six people, including three little children… and what does our doddering jidrool in the White House say? “Transgendered people shape the soul of our nation.” My God, so that’s what’s wrong with it! Well, we knew it had to be something serious.

Idol-worship is as old as humanity–and every bit as much a sin today as it was in Noah’s time.

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    1. The tomfool pronouns didn’t catch on, though. But remember! “Transgendered persons shape America’s soul.” –Joe “F___ing Moron” Biden.

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