Democrat Wacko: ‘Kill Everyone Now’


Here’s one of her social media posts. What part of Wyoming does she “represent”?

A Wyoming Democrat who said “kill everyone” who’s opposed to “transgender rights” (question! what “rights” do they not have?) has since, um, “apologized” for her homicidal remarks (

Just three days after a murdering tranny shot up a school in Nashville (three little children, three adults, killed), Rep. Karlee Provenza went on a social media jihad for “trans rights” and “condone murder,”  “kill everyone now,” if that’s what it takes to secure the “rights” that these twisted people supposedly don’t have. She’s the minority whip in the Wyoming state legislature… Hey, Wyoming! This dindle represents you? Really?

Of course there was an enormous backlash, so Wacko deleted her social media posts and then claimed that she’d gotten “death threats.” Far Left doozies always claim that. But of course it’s A-OK with them to threaten the lives of anyone who gets in their way.

We ask again, we ask all Democrats–

Why do you want this? Come on, tell us! What’s so great about Transgender that America just has to have it?

And again, what “rights” do they demand? The right to be “celebrated”? The right to be praised? Sexual access to our children? What is it that they want?

Do they even know?

5 comments on “Democrat Wacko: ‘Kill Everyone Now’

  1. Isn’t it amazing that someone could wish death upon innumerable people, then cry foul and accuse others of death threats. I’m not supporting death threats towards anyone, but even if she received a death threat, it’s hardly surprising, considering that she broadly called for the deaths of others.

  2. Last Saturday they were supposed to have a Day of Vengeance in D.C. but it was cancelled after the flak from Nashville children being murdered in cold blood by a transgender. It is the devil doing it through them. Ever read about demons in the New Testament? They were everywhere inhabiting human beings (hint: demons don’t die, humans do).

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