Duel or No Duel

Pistols at dawn: why there's more to duelling than what's seen on our  screens

Probably you don’t need me to comment on this week’s dominant current event, the “indictment” of President Donald Trump. But I feel compelled to say that this is very much a case of “do or die”–not just for the Republican Party, but for our future as a constitutional republic.

Democrats have upped the ante. “Run against us, will you? We’ll lock you up!” And that’s that–republic’s over.

I know it goes against the grain, and challenges their inborn cowardice and hypocrisy–but Republicans really must respond with vigor to this outrageous perversion of our whole political tradition.

What they need to do is drum up a case against a nationally prominent Democrat–Pelosi, Schumer, Kerry, Elizabeth Warren: no small fry, it has to be a big name–and throw the book at him or her. “Do you want to play this game? All right, we’ll play! Or you can drop your persecution of our guy, and we’ll drop our case against yours.”

Yes, this risks escalating the conflict. Well, maybe it’s time to escalate it. We’ve let it go for way too long.  History is heaped high with the carcasses of republics whose citizens waited for too long to protect their liberties.

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  1. Elections are supposed to be the way to rectify the misuse of authority in gov’t. Oh, yeah, I forgot, the federal gov’t gave grants to the states so they could have voting machines. And if that isn’t bad enough, places like Pennsylvania mail out ballots to everyone helter-skelter when their own state constitution forbids it. Corruption begets more corruption.

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