The Government’s Hand-Fed ‘Journalists’

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Can he teach reporters to be “bias free”?

Speaking as a former newspaper editor and reporter, the very idea of the government “training journalists” is obscene and appalling. But that’s just what the Biden Regime and the Poynter Institute are fixing to do (

The Poynter is a Far Left think tank that “trains journalists” to parrot the Party line–Democrat Party, of course. In 2019 it ran a blacklist of conservative reporters… which had to be retracted: somehow there weren’t any Dems on the “unreliable” list. They also helped bury the Hunter Biden laptop story.

But! This bunch of dindles is going to “teach journalists” to be “balanced” and “bias free.” Yeah. Sort of like taking swimming lessons from a stone.

But even if, in the impossible event that Poynter did teach young reporters how to be “bias free”–where the devil does the government get the authority to involve itself in that? Do we want the government to be paying for reporters’ training? “Okay, here’s how you cover the latest Biden scandal. You sweep it under the rug and sic your (ho-ho-ho!) ‘fact checkers’ on some Republican!”

I mean, of what earthly use is “nooze” that’s only propaganda? News that no one but a Far Left bozo can believe? How dare they spend tax dollars on a sham like that?

If government has any real purpose beyond merely tormenting and provoking us, it’s gotten rather hard to see.

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