Another Theme Song: ‘The Rebel’

If you don’t already know whose voice that was, singing the theme song of The Rebel, chances are you’ll recognize it when you hear it.

Yes, it was Johnny Cash, back in 1959-1961: he wasn’t famous yet. But it was a hit TV show, and singing the theme song was a big boost for his career.

In fact, for a lot of us–me, for instance–the story lines are blurred or altogether wiped away… but we remember the music.

(Yeesh, there was even a Rebel board game! I nevcr played it, though.)

2 comments on “Another Theme Song: ‘The Rebel’

  1. I remember that song. Every so often, over the years, it would pop into my head and I would start singing it. But I had forgotten it was the theme song of that TV show.

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