SF Whole Foods Shuts Down: Too Much Crime

Major Outbreak in San Francisco Shelter Underlines Danger for the Homeless  - The New York Times

Guess why they have to hose down the sidewalks.

After only one year of business, San Francisco’s flagship Whole Foods supermarket has shut down… because of too much crime (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/4144777/posts). This includes drug use in the rest rooms, violence against the staff, and theft of every single shopping basket.

But the main reason was, it just wasn’t safe to work there. Whole Foods officers said the crime in the streets flowed into the store. Ya think?

At what point does a city get so bogged down by crime that it ceases to be a city? What kind of municipal government do you provide a shattered city inhabited by criminals? What if people who should be running the city just up stakes and say, “I’m out of here”? Because it’s impossible to achieve any meaningful results… and you could get robbed or killed if you venture onto the sidewalk.

Yeah, well, what are California’s governor and San Francisco’s supervisors doing to make the city fit for human beings again?

Hint: Nothing. Oh, wait–they want to pay $5 million apiece in “reparations” to “blacks.” Wow. Who the dickens is going to stay there once he has $5 million in his suitcase? And you could always get shot or stabbed or die of a drug overdose before you can collect.

The city of San Francisco is not safe. And what happens when the whole place becomes uninhabitable? Who picks up the tab for that?

Honk if you really don’t know.

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  1. From what I understand, businesses are pulling out of Portland, as well. Hardly surprising.

  2. I’ve been getting to know a blogger in California. Great person, but a dedicated Democrat. It just blows me away when she and people in her comments make casual swipes about how hateful and racist Republicans are, and how terrible Florid and Texas are… and they 100% support Newsom. And I have no idea what alternate universe they are living in. Even when they write about the high level of crime where she is (not San Francisco, thankfully), or yet another job disappears, they just can’t seem to connect the dots. It’s so bizarre to see otherwise intelligent people be so detached from reality.

    1. I don’t understand Democrats at all. Ages ago, as a newspaperman, I covered Democrat politicians all the time; and although they were wrong about a lot of things, they were at least kind of rational and not out to lunch. That has thoroughly change… and I don’t know why..

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