You Asked for It: ‘Green Acres’ Theme Song

Several readers have mentioned Green Acres as one of their favorite TV theme songs. I’ll go along with that. The show ran for six seasons (1965-71), with Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor as the stars. Catch it on YouTube–it’s still extremely funny, and in some ways far ahead of its time. When the characters on the screen get distracted by the background music and wonder where it’s coming from, that’s funny!

We’re reminiscing about TV theme songs because we live in evil and turbulent times and we can’t keep fighting and working without kicking back for a breather now and then. Be thankful that God has kept laughter in our world. He knows we need it.

Another Theme Song: ‘The Rebel’

If you don’t already know whose voice that was, singing the theme song of The Rebel, chances are you’ll recognize it when you hear it.

Yes, it was Johnny Cash, back in 1959-1961: he wasn’t famous yet. But it was a hit TV show, and singing the theme song was a big boost for his career.

In fact, for a lot of us–me, for instance–the story lines are blurred or altogether wiped away… but we remember the music.

(Yeesh, there was even a Rebel board game! I nevcr played it, though.)