The King of Crapola

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A few days ago SloJo Biden celebrated the pagan holiday, Earth Day. with an executive order creating a brand-new Office of Environmental Justice” (

This is, in the words of some idiot somewhere, to be The Mission for each and every federal agency–“environmental justice for all.” And of course, what would any Democrat policy caper be without invoking the big boogieman, Racism? Which is, we discover to our surprise, synonymous with “environmental injustice.”

It’s all about securing “the future of our planet,” the doddering fake president babbles.

Now that they’ve mastered stealing a national election, Democrats can run any candidate they please, and pursue any cock-a-meemy wack-job public policy that activates their fantasy glands… and still win.

Each and every federal agency.

How do we get out from under what they’ve done to our country?

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  1. The way out is the election of Donald Trump to the second term that was stolen from him. Remember how great America was doing with Trump at the helm until Covid-19 was released? He can do it again, and this time with people he knows that will not stab him in the back like last time.

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