‘Lefty Loons Try to Take Over Science Fiction’ (2015)

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You can always count on libs ‘n’ progs to do their damnedest to spoil normal people’s fun. For a while there they succeeded in taking over science fiction–because normal science fiction fans are in it for the fun and it never occurs to them to organize politically so they can dominate SF conventions.

Lefty Loons Try to Take Over Science Fiction

My friends and I used to go to science fiction conventions. It was fun! SF always did have its share of Far Left babble, but back in the 20th century the kooks weren’t trying to take it over.

Well, in 2015 science fiction writers got wise and struck back–and won!

Normal people will always win, if they can just get started.

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  1. How about Japan sending a lander to the moon recently but right at the end it failed? Now that’s worthwhile news to me yet I saw little of it reported on. If I have to sit through another transgender report, I am going to go into cardiac arrest.

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