Profs Oppose Teaching the Constitution

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“Teach the Constitution? No way! Just shut up and pay our salaries!”

So here’s a bunch of looniversity professors who say the state that funds their institution–University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill–should have no say in what courses it might offer.

Nearly 700 profs signed a petition declaring that requiring them to teach the Constitution, and the history of our country’s founding, somehow violates their “academic freedom” ( The state legislature has passed a bill along those lines, and they don’t like it. “We don’t need no stinkin’ Constitution!”

There’s another bill that they don’t like, working its way through the legislature. This one takes away their tenure. The first bill has already been passed, and this other bill has got them chewing the rug.

Hey! You want the public, the taxpayers, to fund your university and pay your salaries, and have no say in what gets taught? Go teach at a private university!

And tenure, of course, has long been a free ride for “teachers” who despise the public that pays them regardless of what mischief they get up to.

Give them an A for arrogance. “Higher education” has become a bad joke… and the joke’s on us.

10 comments on “Profs Oppose Teaching the Constitution

  1. But I’ll bet they have not objection to requiring “diversity” courses, right? No academic freedom problems there, right?

    1. Taxpayers don’t fund them directly, but they do get government “grants,” tuition from government-backed student loans and other financial assistance, and so on. And whenever a single penny comes directly or indirectly from the government, the government — which is heavily indebted to lobbying money from left-wing organizations and unions — calls the shots. Only a few very independent colleges such as Hillsdale College refuse to take any government backed money, including student assistance money, and escape the tyranny of government control — and the extortion for it from taxpayers.

  2. This doesn’t surprise me. Even if it was only two or three that objected, it wouldn’t be good. Yeah, privatize all education.

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