‘Now They Won’t Take Cash???’ (2020)

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The Great Pandemic boiled down to a bunch of leftids with their feet on our necks and us wondering if we’d ever get our freedom back–or even some of it.

This must never be allowed to happen again.

Example: Suddenly your cash isn’t legal tender anymore.

Now They Won’t Take Cash???

Of course they want you paying for everything with your credit cards. That’s how they track you. So when they write of their little list of who gets sent to the gulag and who can stay home a little longer… they’ll easily find you.

It must not be allowed to happen again.

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  1. Most folks do not know what a dollar is. Federal Reserve Notes are not dollars. They are IOU’s. On the newer issue Federal Reserve Notes, there is a bit of information missing, that, once upon a time was there. For example, all dollar bills, any denomination, used to state:

    “Redeemable in Gold on demand at the United States Treasury or in gold or lawful money at any Federal Reserve bank.”

    And what is most interesting; it stated on the older notes, to pay the bearer on demand dollars! And whether it was a one-dollar bill or one hundred, on those notes it stated, it would pay to the bearer the amount on the bill in dollars!

    So, if those Reserve notes were dollars, why would you need to, or want to exchange those for other Reserve notes? What sense would it make? If those bills were already lawful money, why would you need to exchange them or waste time doing so?

    A Federal Reserve note is just that, a bill for real money. Something that could be exchanged for a real dollar. So, what’s a dollar? A silver coin, and if my memory is correct, contains 371 grains of pure silver, or one ounce. The Reserve note and the dollar were to be equal in value (by law). So, you could exchange a twenty-dollar bill for twenty-one-ounce silver coins. Gold coins were also valued according to the price of silver coins.

    My my, how we have been mislead for most of our lifetimes concerning this matter.

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