Heating Up the Comment Contest

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This could be you!

We do have a comment contest going–whoever posts Comment No.96,000 wins–but it’s going rather slowly. I wonder if I need to offer more attractive prizes.

So how about this? The winner of the contest gets a full professorship in Higher Mathematics, with full tenure and fantastic benefits. I was going to say “at a world-class university of your choice,” but I’m not quite sure I can swing it. But they do have an opening at Fatzovich U. in Bukharin City, Kazakhstan, and I expect we can offer that.

Otherwise the winner will have to be content with either an autographed copy of one of my books or a nice red T-shirt that says “If They Have to Kill Us, They’ve Lost.”

So let’s get cracking with that contest, before that opening at Fatzovich gets filled by some casual passerby. All comments are eligible except for nasty or silly stuff that cheeses off everybody else.

(No, Byron, I cannot see my way to offering a bicycle.)

10 comments on “Heating Up the Comment Contest

  1. You mean we can’t get a faculty appointment at Quokka U? That’s disappointing.

    Seriously, I’ve been running around with so many errands and obligations this week that I’ve barely had time to read posts, let alone comment on them. A little while ago, I actually fell asleep over my keyboard while reading a post — not one of yours, though! I’m wiped out. I think maybe I’ll read one or two more posts and then go take a nap. I’ve already planned a quick dinner for later: a broiled hamburger on a bagel, a simple coleslaw (bagged coleslaw mix and some balsamic vinegar), and maybe some frozen corn. I have a banana and some cornbread for dessert.

  2. I am not sure what to say or write concerning this, so, I have no comment nor remarks to make regarding your statements. But aside from that, the only other thing I will mention, is, I have nothing of note, nor commentary to make or declare, reveal, or bring up, other than my astute, shrewd, and perspicacious observation, that, the time is drawing near and is close at hand.

  3. Thinking of my previous comments, I will continue here.

    I love my thesaurus
    All those words put before us
    Without a thesaurus
    Words surely would bore us

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