Trans Bogus ‘Health Care’ Now a Felony in Oklahoma


If you can’t get puberty blockers, try the next best thing!

Oklahoma has joined with 15 other states making it a felony for doctors to perform transgender surgery on children or prescribe puberty-blocker drugs to them ( That’s 16 states, with another 20 discussing similar legislation.

Far Left Crazy are rending their garments and gnashing their teeth.

The most annoying feature of this absurd and wicked debate, that we never should have had to have, is the use of the term “health care” to describe irreversibly ruinous surgeries, permanent sterility, and a lifelong need for costly medical intervention. This is not health care! At its best it’s radical quackery. At worst, it’s like something out Dr. Mengele’s diary.

Oh! And sane people are “committing genocide” by not allowing this.

I believe this transgender business is the most wicked thing the nations of this fallen world have ever done so far.

And God is watching.

12 comments on “Trans Bogus ‘Health Care’ Now a Felony in Oklahoma

  1. You’re so right, Lee, about this so-called “health care” (translation: child mutilation). It is the most wicked thing humanity has come up with so far. Thinking that we can simply change around a few parts, adding or subtracting them, in order to make a man into a woman and vice versa is a true symptom of man trying to take God’s place. Many of these medical trans-activist-types think that gender dysphoria can be cleared up by the use of the scalpel and hormone therapy. I believe that gender dysphoria is more than a mental condition. It comes from outside influences whether from television and social media, friends, medical personnel, whatever or whoever is getting the word out that a boy can transform into a girl or a girl into a boy just like with a snap of the fingers. I believe that the devil is behind it and is having a good laugh and a hearty chuckle watching all of the foolishness over pronoun usage and drag queens and all. And God certainly is watching. He watched until Sodom and Gomorrah got so out of hand where the men of the city didn’t even bother with introductions. They just wanted the men sent out immediately from Lot’s house so they could have “fun” with them. I don’t know how long God will wait and I don’t have any clue what He will do. I just pray for kids and grandkids to be protected.

    1. These days, the best way to protect children from Transgender Mania is to keep them out of public schools.

  2. Arkansas was first to pass this law – in fact, in our law the physician who does the surgery can be sued up to 30 years later! I don’t think there will be many transgender surgeries in AR. President Trump wants to make the penalty for dealing drugs capital punishment – that will bring a stop to it.

  3. One of the saddest and, at the same time, most disgusting things I have ever seen, was entertainers Sonny Bono and Cher’s pictures of their beautiful little girl, who they named Chastity, and pictures of what she has now become.

    At age 18 Chastity became a lesbian, which Cher approved and became an outspoken activist for that evil lifestyle. Now she is “transgender,” which again, her mother approved and supported her choice. Now she calls her daughter a man. Cher wrote: “I support him no matter what he chooses to do.” How insane!

  4. All this “trans” insanity has burst upon us within just the last few years. It was like a smoldering fire for a decade or so, which just recently exploded, when someone threw gasoline on it.

    1. Yes, exactly. Like floodgates had been opened somewhere.

    2. I knew this would happen when the Supreme Court “legalized” homosexual pseudo-marriage: and something more radical would have to be found to keep the money coming in.

  5. As bad as we think it is, the reality is even worse. If you haven’t been following Karlyn Borysenko, I highly recommend it. She has be infiltrating their online conferences. This is just one example. It’s 2 hours long, but if you go to her channel, she has shorter clips.

    1. Back when I was a reporter, it was very easy to enter a teachers’ union sex ed conference. They weren’t a bit bashful about it, and nobody asked who you were and what you were doing there.

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