Surgeon General Warns of ‘Loneliness Epidemic’

Vice Admiral Vivek H. Murthy, MD, MBA |

Would you buy a used pandemic from this man?

So first they lock us down for the better part of a year (“It’s for your own good, plebs! Shut up and obey!”), force us to clap stupid masks over our faces everywhere we go, preach the acute hazards of failing to maintain “social distancing”… and then, when all the hurly-burly’s done, out comes the freakin’ Surgeon General of the U.S. with lurking fears of “an epidemic of loneliness” (

Well, gee whiz, hoss! Instead of razzing you and the rest of the doomsayers off the stage, we meekly did what you told us we had to do if we wanted to go on living… which has turned out to be baloney, sorry about that– And now you’re telling us we need to have more “connections” to our fellow human beings, whom you just spent two years telling us were probably loaded with COVID so we’d better keep our distance, etc., etc.

This here government-generated loneliness, says he, is worse than smoking cigarettes! Leads to all sorts of health problems!

Yeah… And who “mandated” us to do all this?

When are we going to learn not to listen to government shills? They locked us down, and now the surgeon general seems to be blaming us(!) for a “loneliness and isolation epidemic,” supposedly the equivalent of smoking a dozen cigarettes a day. That from the same bunch of garglers who want us all smoking pot.

And all King George wanted was a stamp tax.

7 comments on “Surgeon General Warns of ‘Loneliness Epidemic’

  1. Agree. This is why I have never listened to this man. Because I have NEVER worn a mask and I have still ALWAYS been lonely. -MIKE EYE

    1. For a while there, though, they wouldn’t let you into Whole Foods without a mask and had someone at the door to demand you pull the mask over your nose–usually a person who watches too many cop shows and relishes a little bit of power.

  2. I kept saying from the beginning of the hysteria that people were being trained to fear and distrust each other. And I was called a paranoiac for pointing out the government-mandated paranoia.

  3. The government is the cause of the newest epidemic – Epidemic of Stupidity.

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