They Want Your Standard of Living Reduced by 75%!

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The government is not your friend.

What, you don’t believe me? Well, here’s the BBC calling for a 75% reduction in the overall standard of living (that’s you, plebs!)–imposed “by force if necessary” ( And of course it’s all to Save The Planet From Climate Change. It always is.

Can you even imagine your standard of living, after it’s been reduced to only 25% of what it is now? Your standard of living will be SOL. They give you a few hints: no more car ownership, no more eating meat allowed, take away your appliances, etc. And if you don’t knuckle under and obey, you’ll soon be visited by men with helmets, body armor, and great big phallic-symbol firearms. And it’ll be off to “camp” for you.

So much for  “consent of the governed.” But what the heck, Communist China has always shown us a better way to do things.

This is the BBC calling for this–not a bunch of seventh-graders babbling on the playground about things they don’t understand. They are wealthy, politically powerful, and well used to telling other people, defenseless people, what to do, or else.

I can’t help thinking it’ll all boil down someday to the global ruling class vs… God.

I pray He smites them good and hard.

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  1. This will not happen in America. We have way more guns than there are people. We will not comply is our motto. Just as God looked down on the Tower of Babel and confused their language, He will strike the globalist down to turn on each another. Christians are God’s property, not man’s.

    1. “This will not happen in America.” But it is happening, and did happen, and is ongoing. Yep, there are lots and lots of guns, but the lock-downs and muzzle mandates did happen despite all those guns, and is still ongoing, but waning a bit. Injection mandates did happen, and despite all those guns, most did comply. The climate nonsense agenda is happening all over the earth. There are more of us, more guns, but in spite of that, it did happen, and is still on going. I did write about this issue and what should be done by those who love God in my article “Why Haven’t Christian Pastors and Business Owners Resisted Unlawful Laws and Edicts Issued in 2020 & 2021?” I offered a PDF file for anyone who wanted to read it. But so far, no one has asked.

      Oh, by the way, I do believe in victory, as I put forth in my book “Israel, Rapture, Tribulation.” And many times, all it takes is just one man wholly given to God, to win the victory. The Bible is full of true stories of such men, and a few women, who because of their faith and trust changed the course of history. Remember the staff of the shepherd boy and the five smooth stones he chose.

      And history is also full of things one person can accomplish when they give it their all. It was just one man that waged a campaign to stop cigarette advertising on TV, and he won.

    2. I believe the reason we didn’t resist those measures was our deep reluctance to believe our own government is perfectly willing to hurt us whenever they think they’ll gain by it. Most people don’t believe that yet.

      We obeyed these tinhorn tyrants because we were told we were all gonna die if we didn’t!

      I hope we now realize they were lying… and are not to be trusted ever again.

  2. How often we forget how quickly things can change, overnight at times. The evening of November 9, 1989, is known as the night the Berlin Wall came down.

    There was a great famine in Samaria. The Syrian army had the city under siege for many months. The price of food, if you could find some, was worth its weight in gold. It was so bad, that one famished mother killed and ate her baby. The King of Israel, who was in the city, blamed the prophet Elisha, who was also trapped within its walls. The King sent one of his officers to arrest the prophet and put him to death. The prophet told that official, that by the same time the next day, food would be plentiful and very cheap. God caused the Syrian army to flee that night, and the next day, the famine was over, and the price for food became inexpensive. You will find that story in II Kings chapters 6 & 7.

    We are not living in the biblical last days spoken of by Christ. This time of trouble will end, not sure when nor how, but many of God’s people will live through it, and come out on the other side, stronger, and they and their children, can continue on, to build Christ’s Church, as He commanded us to do in Matthew 28:19.

    1. And let’s hope we learn our lesson–never, never, never again give government as much power as it has now.

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