Back to Sanity: ‘Our God Is an Awesome God’

Sorry, but I can’t do any more nooze today: time to call upon the name of the LORD.

Our God Is an Awesome God, sung by Michael W. Smith and everybody else who was at the concert–I don’t know about you, but I needed this.

Praise the Lord, and down with the predators!

4 comments on “Back to Sanity: ‘Our God Is an Awesome God’

  1. I have tears pouring down my cheeks as I listen to this…

    Dear Lord, I have family and loved ones in the USA, please hear our prayers…help your people to take a bold stand, push back against the evil that has filled the land, remove from positions of power in every realm those who practice evil. And may there be willing and able Christians to take their places when they are removed, destroyed, and gone. Hear the cry of the blood of millions of babies that cries out for justice and judgment against their murderers, their own mothers, and doctors who did the evil, grant them repentance, if they do not repent, give them judgment. Lord, I have family and friends here in the Philippines, move in your people’s hearts, forgive us for our apathy, unbelief, and faithlessness, pour your spirit out in a mighty way, grant us conviction of our sins, and grant us mercy and fill us with good works, concern for the lost and down trodden…create in us clean hearts, fill us with Your righteousness…amen.

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