Nooze-Free Sunday

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God didn’t need our help to make the heavens and the earth.

I am trying to enjoy a totally nooze-free Sunday–haven’t even read any nooze today, and don’t intend to. The mess will still be there tomorrow; they won’t clean it up while we sleep.

I’d like to mention, though, that yesterday we received another box of COVID testing kits which we didn’t ask for and don’t want. This is a scam. The crooks bill Medicare $100 for every so-called “test” they ship out. It’s another way of fleecing the public. We don’t even know if these “tests” are safe, honest, or reliable.

Like somebody said, there’s a louse in every garden. We’ve got more than a few in ours. The Great Pandemic was an “Open, sesame!” for shysters.

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  1. It may be a computer-free day from me after I shut down my computer for lunch (as I’m about to do). I’m wiped out and need to relax on the couch with some puzzle books and a crochet project. So don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for the rest of the day.

  2. Those tests results are not reliable. If you don’t have any symptoms, you do not have Covid – real hard to figure out. They say half of the unemployment money sent out during Covid was unaccountable for. A scam for the history books.

    1. Besides which, our whole household has already had COVID–but the “tests” are only some scam artist looking to rob Medicare.

  3. Just reading those nooze stories, at times makes my blood boil, and brings me down. And if I had to do the research, and spend time writing about them as you have done…well, my mind might have melted away a long time ago.

    Thus, I have a suggestion. While we really need to know those things you present, maybe, you could do one-week nooze-free, and one week with the normal amount of nooze. During nooze-free week, fill in the gap with a few more interesting videos and stories, like the “Whale,” dogs and cats and other such things. While you would probably spend as much time researching and writing about those things as you have done with the nooze, your spirit would be refreshed, not wilted, withered, nor emaciated when the task is completed.

    Maybe good stories of testimonies of missionaries, great heroes of faith such as Mary Slessor, Queen of Calabar as she became known, Florence Nightingale, John Paton, frontier missionary to the South Pacific, George Whitefield, and the numerous others, many, most have never heard of.

    1. Thanks, I’ll think it over. I guess it’s a case of “Once a newsman, always a newsman.” It hadn’t occurred to me to go about it any other way–experience and training are very strong.

    2. Lee, I like the mix throughout the week, so I’ll vote for continuing what you’re doing now, including maybe a nooze-free Sunday if that would help you relax. I really appreciate your commentary on what’s going on — it’s always trenchant, and it provides a sense that we’re not standing alone against the Beast. Besides, you’ll still be subjected to the incoming nooze at your end, as we all are, but you wouldn’t have any place to vent about it. And frankly, I’m not sure I would check in as often for non-nooze weeks.

  4. Good news is still news, and you would still be a “newsman” but with a slightly different emphasis on the news you report for a few days.

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