‘Our Shameless Leaders’ (2014)

Slithering out from a bank of polluted smog in Washington…

Everything I said about the occupant of the White House in 2014 can also be said of the current occupant. And we were spared Al Gore and John Kerry… so far.

Our Shameless Leaders

The Roman Empire in its dotage must have been like this. If you can’t find an idiot to run the show, get a criminal. If you can’t find a criminal, get a pervert. You might score with all three in the same candidate.

This is an America torn loose from its Christian moorings, poisoned by toxic moral stupidity administered by fools. Other than that, we’re all right.


3 comments on “‘Our Shameless Leaders’ (2014)

  1. I read the post from 2014 and the number of comments was 26. I think it was about two years ago, or maybe three, that I started to read your blog. It sure seems you used to get a whole lot more comments, than, since I have been reading and making my thoughts known.

    The internet gods must have put a curse upon your blog. Let’s pray to God, to remove that curse and let the comments pour into this blog once again.

  2. In a true Republic, if you don’t like your state you move to another state. In a Democracy all the states are basically the same (i.e. corrupt) because the central government holds them hostage to federal money.

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