‘A Parable for Our Time’ (2014)

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I pray the people of this country are waking up, and I pray it’s not too late.

A Parable for Our Time

The man trashed his own apartment and then said, sadly, “Look what happened!” It doesn’t get any richer than this.

What has happened to America didn’t happen. It was done to us–by wicked fools who don’t care how they hurt the country as long as they gain something, personally.

Can you be drunk on an ideology?

Sure looks it.

4 comments on “‘A Parable for Our Time’ (2014)

  1. An even closer analogy would have been if your neighbor had blamed you for the destruction. The tyrants trash our Nation and then call those of us who object to it “domestic terrorists” as though we’re the ones who are doing the trashing. 🙁

  2. It is time for the church to man up – I mean the Man Jesus Christ. He drove the moneychangers out of the Temple. He called out the rulers, political and religious when they were doing wrong. Get a backbone Body of Christ – what are you waiting for?

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