Teacher on Parent: ‘She’s Ignorant’

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An empty classroom–the only thing that’ll stop the teachers’ unions

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Boy, can Americans take abuse from their public employees! If only there were a constructive use for it…

When a 5th-grader’s mother objected to a gay-grooming Disney film that was shown in her child’s classroom, the, um, “teacher” was moved to remind her that “parental rights are gone” once your kiddie’s in a public school (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2023/05/16/florida-5th-grade-teacher-parental-rights-are-gone-when-your-child-is-in-the-public-school-system/). As to the parent’s objections, the teacher dismissed them: “She’s ignorant.” Just shut up and pay your school tax, plebs! We’ll groom your children for sex and you’d better learn to like it.

This incident occurred in Florida, where the legislature is actually trying to protect families from the ravages of the teachers’ unions. Imagine what it must be like in Blue states.

How about it, parents? Do you agree your rights are gone, the moment your child enters public school?

The only meaningful response to this, the only action that can have any effect, is to withdraw millions of Christian children from the public schools. Pull ’em all out! And see how long the teachers’ unions can get by with empty classrooms.

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  1. You have written on this subject many times. Please keep repeating, for maybe, some may give heed, and take action.

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