The New Boogieman on the Block

10 Funny Hairstyles That You Cannot Dare To Try For Yourself - RVCJ Media

As dopey as this hairstyle is, I can’t see someone getting fired for it. Not that I can see it on a CEO…

White liberals have invented another thing for Our Cherished Minorities to whine about–“hair discrimination,” also known by a brand-new name, “texturism” ( It comes complete with micro- and macro-aggressions! Some assembly required.

Have they got those stupid AI robots writing nooze stories now? This story from Harvard is seven pages long; and not once does the author describe the hairdos that are supposedly getting POCs unjustly fired by the truckload just because their hair is somehow objectionable. What kind of hairdo can get you fired from your job? Honest, I really want to know… because I don’t know.

Ah! But the author doesn’t tell you that. She just goes on whining and burbling about systemic Racism etc. etc. and we can have no real idea of what she’s talking about. “Sorry! You can’t be a department head here because your hair is funny! In fact, you’re fired!” I’m guessing that has never happened in real life.

But! But! Texturism is real! All hands on deck!

I still think it was an AI robot.

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  1. Many years ago, when my husband was working an IT contract in BC, the office he was in did a cancer fundraising drive. Most people had a monetary goal that, if they reached, they would have all their hair shaved off. My husband did that on a regular basis, so he did something different. Whoever made the largest donation got to choose what colour he would dye his hair (a salon volunteered to do the hair cutting/dying as part of the drive, too). The winner made a drawing of what she wanted; a triple Mohawk, two dyed in pink and one in green, with his beard dyed to match.

    The hair dresser had a BLAST trying to match the picture. He couldn’t do the beard in 3 colours, but the white chin of his beard to the hot pink dye fabulously.

    After the funding drive was done, my husband was to attend a professional meeting with a client. He was told he needed to do something about the colours, because it didn’t look professional. So he shaved his head and beard completely.

    I’m not sure that was an improvement, since it made him look quite… dangerous! The sort of look where he could go into a biker bar, and everyone would be calling him “sir.” 😂😂😂

    1. It was for charity, and people had a lot of fun with him. I think the client would have handled it better than what he looked like after shaving it all off! 😆

  2. It is amazing how to me how many black women have long flowing hair. They must go to much trouble and expense to get their hair that way but I am glad they do – they look great. I don’t even mind women and girls who color their hair in outrageous colors – have at it I say. But tattoos all over their arms and legs, yuck, no thanks – very unattractive.

  3. Awa, well, I do mind women with outrageous hair colors. I think that shows, there is something off, in that woman’s mind. Yeah, I also give women with tattoos a lot space. I agree, very unattractive.

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