Revelation! ‘The Man Comes Around’

I don’t generally post two hymns in the morning, but The Man Comes Around, by Johnny Cash, is one we all need to here. It is, as it were, Revelation set to music. Requested by Elder Mike.

We had all better be ready when the man comes around.

2 comments on “Revelation! ‘The Man Comes Around’

  1. Thanks for posting this.

    Johnny Cash was born to sing songs like this. I loved listening to his music. He had a song for just about any occasion, for most any mood, somber or joyous, death or life, regrets or grief. His song “I Guess Things Happen that Way” was a comfort to me when my wife passed. Some may not see it that way, but for whatever reason, this song spoke to my heart and helped me, a bit to understand, in this life, sometimes those things just happen to everyone.

    During his lifetime at times he was blessed and full of joy, at times troubled by drugs, at times tormented, up and down, joy and pain, loved by many and mourned by multitudes when he died. How will God judge him? I don’t know. But God is righteous, so I leave his fate in the hands of a loving God.

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