By Request, ‘I’m Just a Poor Wayfaring Stranger’

We have this hymn request from Phoebe, I’m Just a Poor Wayfaring Stranger, sung by Johnny Cash. So many wonderful hymns out there…

And oh, look! The sun came out! Thank the Lord for big favors.

By Request, ‘Wayfaring Stranger’

Here’s something a bit better than election nooze: Johnny Cash singing Wayfaring Stranger. Requested by SlimJim.

We never stop missing our loved ones who have departed this life before us. God gave us that faculty for a reason.

By Request, ‘I Shall Not Be Moved’

And we have a hymn request from Erlene, I Shall Not Be Moved. So many versions to choose from; I went with this one by Johnny Cash. But it’s all old-fashioned gospel, food and medicine for the soul.

By Request, ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’

All right, we’ve had enough nooze for one day. And we have a hymn request from Thewhiterabbit–Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (the good old stuff). I picked this rendition by Johnny Cash: most of us, I think, can sing along.

‘In the Sweet By and By’ (Johnny Cash)

I don’t have any hymn requests today, but I happened upon this video and thought it would do very nicely–In the Sweet By and By, sung by Johnny Cash. People have been loving this hymn since 1968.

By Request. ‘I Saw the Light’

We have a hymn request from Ina–I Saw the Light, a classic country hymn, sung by Johnny Cash. In a Columbo episode, no less.

The hymn shop is open to all. Don’t be bashful! Share your favorite hymns.

By Request, ‘Farther Along’

I’ve been having an awful lot of trouble with my pilgrimage, just now. But maybe this hymn can help me on my way.

Requested by SlimJim: Farther Along, by Johnny Cash with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (a rather surprising combination)

O Lord, strengthen us farther along…

By Request, ‘Thanksgiving Prayer’

Requested by Susan, Thanksgiving Prayer by Johnny Cash.

And I’m grateful to the Lord for giving me Susan as my editor, and for giving me work with Chalcedon’s ministry.

By Request, ‘I Saw the Light’

We have an entry in our hymn contest–requested by Ina (in Scotland!), I Saw the Light, sung by Johnny Cash. This video was originally part of a Columbo episode.

We still have had only one hymn get as many as 20 views; I can’t imagine why our hymn contest has fallen on such hard times. To enter, all you have to do is request a hymn. But only a rew people do that.

Well, it’s all over on Aug. 8…

Bonus Hymn, By Request: ‘Wayfaring Stranger’

Requested by Phoebe, Wayfaring Stranger, traditional hymn, sung by Johnny Cash.

The earth is the Lord’s (Ps. 24), and we won’t be estranged from it forever. When Almighty God restores and regenerates His creation, we’ll have no words for how wonderful it is: we’ll have to learn to speak the language of angels.