Getting Rid of Those 87,000 New IRS Agents

Help business owners avoid getting CRUSHED by taxes!!!

Earlier this year, Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to defund a Democrat scheme to hire another 87,000 goons–oops! Did I say goons? Obviously I meant agents–for the Infernal Revenue Service.

Now they have to find a way to implement it (

“Promises made!” said Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Now he has to figure out how to pry almost $80 billion out of a big fat government spending package.

Rep. Lauren Boebert has warned middle-class citizens who do not have high-powered lawyers and accountants handling their taxes for them. These 87,000 new g–er, agents!–are for you, plebs. Rich Democrats can always protect themselves from taxes.

Watch the number of audits imposed on middle-class taxpayers shoot up to the moon if the Republicans can’t stop it.

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