‘1 Out of 3 of Us: Bonkers?’ (2020)

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How they LOVED making us jump through hoops! You know they’re already in the market for another “pandemic.”

Yeah, well, why wouldn’t at least a third of us pop our corks in 2020, with all the **** they were putting us through? And then they stand up there and somberly declare, “Gee, look what happened!”

1 Out of 3 of Us: Bonkers?

Hmm… They locked us down, wiped out thousands of small businesses, made us wear masks if we had to go out, drilled it into our heads that we were all gonna die unless we did exactly as we were told by Science and Experts and Government, and they forced us to be shot up with experimental chemicals packaged as vaccine–

Of course we couldn’t take it!

This must never, never, never be allowed to happen ever again. And those who made it happen should be punished with sincere ferocity.

6 comments on “‘1 Out of 3 of Us: Bonkers?’ (2020)

  1. But once Pavlov’s dogs have been conditioned, the next stimulus (i.e., pandemic or other “emergency,” maybe even climbit change) will produce the same or similar response.

  2. I watch TV PSAs on all the channels pushing for us to get the booster covid shots. How can our corrupt federal gov’t get away with this? Because they are corrupt. Judgment is coming, God promises it in His Word.

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