Prayer Request: For Erlene

We know she loves these hymns by Carroll Roberson. This one’s for you, Erlene.

(I’m not authorized to do this, so I hope it doesn’t get me into trouble. But here goes–.)

Our esteemed colleague and friend, Erlene, has been with this blog since it started in 2010; and as most of you know, she suffered a major stroke some months ago. Since then her road to recovery has been difficult. Meanwhile, she prays for her family and friends, her country and her church.

I ask that we redouble our prayers for her. She’s an integral part of our fellowship, and God know how it hurts us to lose people we love.

So please, Lord, please, bless your servant Erlene and grant her recovery. She has been your good and faithful servant, and still has much to teach us. Protect her and heal her, Father: in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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    1. You’d hardly believe how much she’s contributed to this blog over the years. She’s sort of a founding member.

  1. Amen to your prayer, brother Lee. We have been praying, and will continue.

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