‘So What’s the Mask For, Again?’ (2020)

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How easy it was to lock us down and shut us up! How we knuckled right under to house arrest! How compliant we were when they ordered us–ordered us!–to wear masks everywhere we went!

We must never forget how easy it was to take our liberties from us.

So What’s the Mask for, Again?

This must never be allowed to happen again. The globalists, you may be sure, are already brewing up the next Pandemic. What will they demand of us this time?

Never, never, never, never again.

2 comments on “‘So What’s the Mask For, Again?’ (2020)

  1. I never wore a mask. If I entered a store and said I had to have one, I took the one they gave me, walked on in, and immediately took it off. What are they going to do, arrest me? Sometimes the “slaves” would comment on my not wearing a mask and would ask, “Are you a Republican?” I did wear a mask at first when sub-teaching because it was required, but pulled it below my nose to breathe, then quit subbing until they removed the “mandate.”

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