‘Are We Being “Engineered”?’ (2020)

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Three years after originally posting this, I find no more room left for doubt. The consent of the governed, foundational to our country’s laws and culture, is now a manufactured consent.

Which is to say it’s not real.

Are We Being ‘Engineered’?

Did they ask us first, when they chose to lock us down? Did they ask for permission to transgender our children? Did they ask us if we wanted to be governed by freaks?

Well, why should they, if they can always create the illusion of “consent”?

5 comments on “‘Are We Being “Engineered”?’ (2020)

  1. Aw yes, many have been brainwashed or tricked into believing they need consent from the government for almost everything. For example, most think they need a license from the powers that be, to be lawfully married! No one needs a license nor permission for marriage in any state in the USA. And there are many reasons no one should ever get a marriage license from state government, especially Christian men! If a Christian man happens to go through a divorce, and has a marriage license, in many cases the courts will devastate him, and cause great harm to any children he may have.

    And before anyone says I am wrong, and have lost a few marbles, consider the following.

    My wife, who was Filipino, came to the US on a fiancée visa. One of the requirements, we had to get (lawfully) married within 90 days or she would face deportation. Did we need permission (license) from the state government to get married, to exercise my faith or religious beliefs? NO! What can’t be done by government? Prohibit the free exercise of my religion! Does a Christian minister need permission (license) from the state to preach the gospel, or carry out any religious duties required by the Lord? NO! We had an unlicensed minister perform the unlicensed wedding. We wrote our own wedding documents! Did the USA Immigration officials have a problem with our documents and what we did? At first, yes. I had to explain to them, as I am doing here, what the law is, and what protections the First Amendment gives us. I had a few long discussions with immigration officials about this. In the end, yes, what we had done was fully lawful, and we were lawfully married! She got her green card, even though the officials knew we did not have a state issued “marriage license.” Because we were lawfully married, we never had a problem with bank accounts, insurance and so forth.

    And to answer your question; yes, we are being engineered.

    1. There is an enormous disconnect between what has been presented to us as reality, and real reality. Very much of what we think we know is not true.

  2. The devil has been in the human engineering field for centuries and knows many tricks. It sure seems like he is using them in America all of a sudden. May the backlash by patriotic Christians bring true revival. It is the truth that sets us free.

    1. Yes, Satan does know many tricks, but human nature itself, in many cases is against us. The Semmelweis reflex is a term devised for the tendency of people to deny new knowledge, testimony, or evidence that contradicts long held beliefs or their worldview.

      Ignaz Semmelwei was a doctor who worked in an obstetrics ward in Vienna in the 19th century. He made the connection between unwashed hands and deadly infections. His is a tail of great discovery, but also one of sorrow and woe, and truth not falling on receptive ears.

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